Where do you get your clothes and accessories?
Well, I don't really shop at one paticular place.  America's Mart in Atlanta is a fashion haven for me, so a major chunk of my closet's contents most likely have roots there.  However, I am a proud Maxxinista, Marshalls has cool clothes in their CUBE, and Kohl's is my dear friend.  Any other thing I own was picked up here and there.  I don't judge where it's bought.  I judge how it looks.

Can you describe your style in three words?
Creative, bold, and funky!

Who takes your pictures?
Sometimes I do, using a self-timer, but a lot of the time my brother snaps the photos.

Do you really wear this stuff "out", or just to take blog pictures?
Usually, I just take a picture of whatever I'm wearing that day.

Why did you start blogging?
A friend introduced me to it.  Until then, I'd never even followed a blog.  I began to study a couple, and decided that my loves for fashion, art, and writing could all be combined if I started my own blog.  So, here I am!