Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fabric Flowers

Well, I can now officially say that I have created my first fabric flower shirt! For anyone who is clueless on how to make them, it's SO simple, it made me kinda mad that I had put it off so long. So, for anybody who wants some general instruction on how to make these, your wish has been granted! :)

1. You'll need fabric, (each flower just needs about 6" x 6" of fabric, except for the first type, but it doesn't need to be perfect.), fabric glue, and optional sewing materials for the checkered flower. The denim flower with pinks and greens on it, (not to be confused with the plain denim flower), and the pink flower were made EXACTLY the same way. The plain green flower was made similarly too, but it was folded less often, giving it a wider look. You can decide which look you want for your flower. You'll need a long 1" by 10" strip of fabric. To make the shape correctly, you need to fold the strip over and over diagonally, while twisting it up into a circle, AND while squirting a drop of fabric glue every now and then in between where the fabric will touch. It isn't as tough as it sounds!

2. The blue and white checkered flower probably took the longest, even though the concept was relatively simple. Take your fabric and cut it into small 1" by 1" squares. Pinch the squares together from the middle into sloppy cone shapes so they look sort of like this: V. Either stich it at the point or use fabric glue to hold it together. Next, take your "cones" and glue them to each other to make a shaggy yet adorable flower!

3. The green polkadot flower is my favorite, and it was easy to make. For this flower, though, you may want double-sided fabric, because it's more likely you'll see both sides. Stick you're finger in the center. Twist it to the left or right slowly, so it takes that twisted rose shape, and put glue where the fabric touches. That's really all it takes!
For different and more detailed flower how-tos, these are some sites I thought were helpful.

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