Saturday, November 5, 2011

Judith March is Just Magnificent!

 I'm messing with my little brother's stuff when I come across a Mr. Potato Head. So, I pick it up and mess with it.  Then, I spot a sticker on his little hat that says, "Press Down for ON/OFF".  Curious, I press down his tiny hat, and what does it begin to do?  Vibrate.  That's right.  A vibrating Mr. Potato Head.  My brother has no idea what it's for, and I can't imagine either.  Maybe it massages you...?

Sorry.  I just had to share.  Ahem.  Getting back on track, there's a juicy little brand I'd like to introduce to people who aren't already aware of its glory, called Judith March.  Their pieces this Fall are so fun!  I especially love the fact that they have the ability to take spring- time flowers and stick 'em on clothes for Autumn months!  It doesn't look out of place or odd.  It only looks precious. :) 

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