Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Little Miss Roboto Hat

Robots.  My unhealthy obsession.  The moment I placed the hat above on my head was the moment my life changed forever.  I regret to say that I have no idea what the brand this hat is.  Otherwise, I'd look up their address, hike right up to their HQ, and personally express my gratitude.  I do know that it came from Wal-Mart.  You read right.  Even WAL-MART can have cuteness morphed into a fluffy hat sometimes. ;)  I wore my precious while I was in Savannah.  Good thing, too, because it got real chilly real fast.  If it wasn't for my sweet little robot protecting my noodle, I would have frozen like an ice pop.  In conclusion, robots save the craniums of all!! 

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