Thursday, January 26, 2012

Which Earrings Are For You?

Just like bread goes with butter, certain types of earrings compliment certain face shapes and hairstyles.  So, here is a list of the types of hairstyles, and which earrings look best with them.

Boy-Cut Hair

You're in luck!  Short hair means you can wear just about every kind of earring, big or small.  Hoops, studs, anything goes. 

Short Hair

If you don't have extremely short hair, but instead something like a chin-length bob, try studs and hoops, because dangle earrings won't always look good; they'll fall below your haircut.  Of course, it all depends on the earrings, but buy them with caution.  If you really want to wear those darling dangles, try pulling your hair back with a headband.

With Your Hair Pulled Up

Studs, small hoops, tiny dangles, and pearls add a look of sophistication to your look, and don't draw away from your exposed face and natural beauty.  Small earrings compliment beautiful high cheekbones.

Long Straight Hair

Anything goes!  However, you can thin out a chin and rounder face with a cheese'n pair of dangle earrings!

Long Wavy or Long Curly Hair

Big hair is always complimented with big earrings!  Giant hoops are especially funky, and with them next to your cheeks, your face appears slim.

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