Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Interior Lovin' #1

          Hello, fellow followers!  Today is the start of a brand new segment, called Interior Lovin', where I'll be showing you Interior Decorating tips and neccesities to a gorgeous room!  Afterall, how can you be inspired to wear magnificence, if you're surrounded by lameness?  So, today's picture comes straight out of the room of Yours Truly.
          First off, I'd like to point out that chandaliers are amazing.  Second, oh snap, I've got one right above my bed!  However, I have no fear of it crashing down on my head while I'm in deep slumber, because it's a wall sticker!  Now, there are a lot of wall stickers out there.  If you want to go out and choose some for your room, here's some advice.  Quotes are always okay.  Black, plain decals are fine for pretty much any room.  Colorful themed wall stickers are where we get into dangerous territory.  To me, it looks best if you do not purchase a sticker based on, "Oh my cheese!  Pretty!", but rather, "Wow!  These will match the theme of my room!"  See, you can enjoy, say, dinosaurs.  Still, when you have a sports-themed room, a T-Rex decal might get a few confused stares.  But hey, I know some people like to be different, and if you want Attack of the Dinos all over your sporty bedroom, well, who am I to judge?
          Next, we can see framed pretties to the left and right of my chandalier.  I got these babies at Hobby Lobby.  Framed pictures/drawings/art pieces are great for that glaring empty space on your wall.  See, when my chandalier needed company, BAM!, two little frames were put next to it, thus filling the emptiness.  They both show dresses, the sketch of a building, and the left says, "London"; the right says, "New York."  All together, they make an interior worth lovin'!

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