Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Clothes Of Many Colors

Fashion plays by its own rules, which is why it can be confusing at times.  It's kinda like I after E except after C, you know, besides those words eight, beige, feign, seize, weight, heir...  You get my point.  There's a lot of exceptions to the rules of spelling and style.  People say your outfits should always match, never clash.  However, there are loopholes.  In the pictures above, I'm wearing a purple necklace and dress, a blue tank top, a green cardigan, and red tights.  It sounds like I'm a loon, but take a closer look.  The result is an artistic, quirky appearance.  Besides that technique, you can also try a burst of color.  Jewel tones adorn me up until- BAM!- my tights blind you with their brightness. :)  A splash of color gives what you're wearing character.   

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