Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Message of Color

We've all done it.  We've walked out of the house in a color that looked awful on us, but not only that; we may have also been sending an unintended message to those around us.  There are psychological meanings behind each color we see; they affect us one way or another.  Here are some of the effects of color.

Hot.  Spicy.  Dangerous.  Intense.  Excited.  All of these are associated with the color red.  Wearing this color makes you stand out.  It is bold, so overdoing it isn't the best idea.  Just a touch of red is enough energy to draw the eye.

A color associated with ambition, orange is a new dawn and day.  It usually is tied with happy times, and all around makes she who dons it seem flamboyant and full of spunk!

This color is one of cheery feelings and sunshine.  When around yellow, the human brain actually releases more seratonin (a feel-good chemical).  Be aware, though, that while pale, soft yellow equals happiness, intense yellows are very different.  Tempers are likely to flare around the color, it quickens the thought process, and your creative juices are more likely to flow.  It has effects similar to orange and red.  Use it here and there, not everywhere, or you'll look like some mellow banana.

Growth is a good word to sum this color up.  It is tied to well-being, good luck, wealth, nature, and support.  It is a "sturdy" color, in a sense.  Pale green has a calming effect, which is why it is commonly used in hospitals.  Outfit-wise, I love olive greens and earth greens; they pair well with nature-related colors.  They're great for that down-to-earth-girl look.

About 40% of the Earth's population says that blue is their favorite color, (I being one of them!)  The color is associated with wisdom and depedability.  Blue can have a relaxing effect on people; other times, when the color is overwhelming, it can come off as cold and distant or sad and depressed.  Blue is a gorgeous color, but don't go crazy and dress like a big blueberry.  You will most likely look upseting and unapprochable.

A color of rich sophistication, this is the color of royalty.  Purple is surrounded by an air of mystery, respect, and being artificial.  It's a magnificent color; it's not too dark, and not too bright.  Unless you go the neon route, overdoing purple is almost impossible!

This is the most calming of all the colors.  Studies have proven that it calms people's aggression.  It is the color of love and soothing feelings.  Pink is a beutiful color, and will come off as soft, girly, and feminine.  I love it!

Sometimes people associate this color with dirty and gross.  In the world of fashion, however, it's an amazing color.  It represents stability and has an organic feel.  It also has ties to friendship.  This a simple and casual choice for your wardrobe, but a neccesary one.

This is the color of almost every women's wedding dress.  Why?  Because it represents purity and cleanliness.  I love it's boldness!  It's like color, color, color, then just a stark white.  It's great paired with anything, obviously; it IS a combination of all color!


Representing old age, lost direction, and strong character, gray is a mystical color to me.  It pairs well with most colors, and tones down a bright outfit like other colors just can't do.

This color makes people appear thin; it can represent intelligence and strength.  Sometimes, it can be associated with evil, but you needn't worry about that often, unless you've got the fishnet tights, skull tats, and ripped mini skirt to go with it.  Black, to me, is arguably one of the best fashion colors.  It's simple yet stunning.  EVERYONE needs it in their wardrobe somewhere, especially a LBD (Little Black Dress).

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