Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everybody!  I hope your day's been absolutely magnificent so far!  So, the pictures you see are of my Easter dress this year, (I love, love, love it!), a gorgeous flower necklace, a legit Easter basket, and the best bunny earrings ever invented in the universe!  Let's start with the earrings...

No, it's not a gauge.  Take a closer look...

In reality, they're just plain ol' earrings.  Oh, who am I kidding?  They're so much more!

 Okay, now the dress.

It's a delightfully creamy-colored lace dress that makes me feel like the decorative fringe on a hand-made curtain!  When you're too old for that cupcake dress that practically eats you alive with its fluff and stuff, this is an endearing alternative that is just as frilly, but in a different way.

Necklace time!

A simple arrangement of pink and silver beads, topped with a pretty flower. :)  Really makes the outfit...
Easter egg basket!

So cute, right?  The best part is, the leaves and flowers were glued on by hand.  This is a home-made basket, baby!  I've been carrying it for years; it never gets old!

Again, I hope you enjoy your Easter.  God bless!

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