Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekday Sketch Shindig #2: Monday

     Well howdy, fellow followers!  Now, I know Mondays are normally drab and unexciting, but not this time, because today starts Fashion Candy's second Weekday Sketch Shindig!  As was before, I will be posting a different sketch everyday for your enjoyment.  Don't be shy to comment on them and tell me what you think, either!  Oh, and if you have your own idea for a sketch, simply click on the tab up top that reads "Suggest A Sketch", and I may be more than happy to oblige!  Anyway, this is, in my opinion, one of my best sketches ever.  It depicts a blue dress with orange polkadots and a white bottom, paired with a sunhat, two large orange bracelets, and some wedges with lace going up part of the legs.  This would be such an adorable outfit for the upcoming Summer!

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