Friday, June 15, 2012

Art-i-cake Jewelry

A collage of art-i-cake jewelry
     On June 1, 2012, I was giddy with delight as I read the newest post on the Art By Amy Facebook Page.  It made my day when Amy Labbe, creator of Art By Amy, wrote that her "new line of jewelry and components" would hit "MICHAELS stores across AMERICA (and canada!)" that very day!  And, by June 15, every Michael's would be blessed with her legit jewelry. 

     For those of you who don't know, Amy is a spunky pink-haired jewelry guru, with her own busy-ness called "Art By Amy".  She sells her unique charms and pieces all across America.  Her stuff is so creative, big, and different (I like that kinda stuff.), and now her new line, art-i-cake, is at Michael's!! It was FINALLY put on display in my local Michael's yesterday, and the stuff is pretty sweet!  Here are just a few of the beauties I noticed:

You can see what Amy's all about here, at her website, or here, on her Facebook page.  For the website based soley on Art-i-cake, click here.  For Art-i-cake's Facebook page, click here.

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