Sunday, July 1, 2012

Betsey Johnson's "Fancy Face" Hand Bag

     So, as you guys know, I am an avid Betsey Johnson fan.  I saw this purse at her store in the mall a few months ago, and I knew that it was love at first sight.  Here's the thing: I knew I could make a purse like this!  So, I walked out of that store with a mission.  I will make this cheesin' awesome "Fancy Face" bag.  Since then, the design has been discontinued, but you really can make yourself this loveliness.  All I did was take some denim from the legs of an old pair of jeans, buy some black fringe, and use some sparkly thick red fabric for the lips.  I found a pretty little navy blue bow in my Big Bag O' Fabrics, used a gem for its center, and attached it all with fabric glue.  I also had it sewn with a plain black zipper and a keychain loop is its zipper handle!  (People who aren't so sew savvy can just buy a bag and use the almighty fabric glue I've grown so close to.)  Here's what you do:
  • Take your denim and cut it up into two rectangular pieces of the same size.
  • Grab your Singer, slices, and zipper, and throw down!  After you've sewn together you denim pieces and added the zipper, you get to the fun part.
  • Cut the red fabric into some lips.
  • Cut the black fringe into two, even pieces.  These will be your lush lashes.
  • I didn't add eyebrows, but you could bejewel some if you want to!  ;)
  • If you're using a bow, go ahead and stick a gem onto the center to add some style.
  • Okay, so this is where my little friend Fabric Glue comes in.  Glue down the lips, lashes, and little bow.
  • Let them dry for... I'd say at least seven hours.  (I know you're just dying to walk out of the house carrying that thing as soon as possible!)
  • Then, you're ready to go, and show the world your awesome creativity!!
Betsey's "Fancy Face" Bag

My version of Betsey's bag

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