Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Interior Lovin' #4

     Hey everybody!  I realize I haven't done an Interior Lovin' in awhile, so I think the time has come to post another.  :) This, my comrades, is a fake chandelier that I have hanging in my room.  It's got a velvety feel to it, and then it has beads that drape down and hang from the ends of the chandelier!  I love having this, because it adds a nice piece of glam to my room, while also not going over the top with a full, glitzy chandelier on my ceiling (not saying I wouldn't totally enjoy that, though)!  The black's a nice touch too; it's much more striking and noticiable that way, I think.  When people come into my room, it's often the first thing they see; it's a real eye-catcher.  What do you think?  Sophisticated, funky, or just odd?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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